2016 Drop Sites

2016 Drop Sites:


Lowe’s Grocery  2501 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd.

Pete’s Restaurant  2661 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd.

K2 Publishing  2513 Neudorf Road

Clemmons Kitchen  3609 Clemmons Rd.


Parkway Ford Service Center  2104 Peters Creek Parkway

Clothing Delivery


Recently we were able to deliver clothing to 30 residents at a Winston-Salem nursing home.  We set the items up according to size on tables and the residents were able to pick what they wanted.  We wanted to give them a “shopping experience” because the never leave the nursing home.

Special Requests

Here are a few special requests from the residents.

Special Requests – 2013 Silver Stocking

Sweat Shirts

2 X night gown

L night gown


L Sweat Suit

M Sweat Suit

Color Books

Shirt w/tigers or zebras on it

XL Men’s shirt – Panter’s fan


3X Women’s shirt


2 Earrings

Other Jewelery

XL Men’s crew neck tees

XL Men’s sweat pants

XL Men’s shirt

Men’s socks – XL

Women’s shirt – 3XL

Women’s pants – 3XL

Men’s 5 XL Sweat Pants

Men’s 5 XL Shirt

Men’s XL Shirt

Men’s XL Sweat Pants

Men’s XXL Sweat Pants

Men’s socks – long

2 Men’s pants – 34 X 32 – adjustable

Men’s belt 34

Men’s XL shirt

Men’s M shirt