Christmas Tradition

Start a new Christmas Tradition: Volunteer to deliver gifts and your precious time to lonely residents at a nursing home.  Don a Santa hat and spread some joy.  If you would like to set a time to volunteer Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, please call 336.766.1211.

Also, keep in mind we will need volunteers for Valentine’s Day, Summer, and Fall.

Special Requests

Here are a few special requests from the residents.

Special Requests – 2013 Silver Stocking

Sweat Shirts

2 X night gown

L night gown


L Sweat Suit

M Sweat Suit

Color Books

Shirt w/tigers or zebras on it

XL Men’s shirt – Panter’s fan


3X Women’s shirt


2 Earrings

Other Jewelery

XL Men’s crew neck tees

XL Men’s sweat pants

XL Men’s shirt

Men’s socks – XL

Women’s shirt – 3XL

Women’s pants – 3XL

Men’s 5 XL Sweat Pants

Men’s 5 XL Shirt

Men’s XL Shirt

Men’s XL Sweat Pants

Men’s XXL Sweat Pants

Men’s socks – long

2 Men’s pants – 34 X 32 – adjustable

Men’s belt 34

Men’s XL shirt

Men’s M shirt